VICTORIA first undertakes a study of the financial situation of the client, followed by an analysis of needs and investment objectives of the client, so as to clearly identify the solutions and the appropriate financial instruments that will achieve the optimal results. VICTORIA can focus on the optimal results because of its independence, Approachthus avoiding any partiality in advice due to exclusive relationships.

The analysis will assess the customer’s total assets, as well as present and future sources of income, through quantitative and qualitative tools: this creates a risk and return matrix in regard to what is known as dynamic risk management, and determines the level of managerial efficiency in terms of promoting the investment goals and the impact of costs.

We continue to verify asset allocation so as to highlight any areas for improvement, then giving the customer the opportunity to justify their establishment or broker the necessary changes and possibly renegotiate the terms previously agreed. The service continues with the constant monitoring in order to assess the profitability and make any corrections. In this way, an investor has reliable and impartial advice that reduces risks and increases the margin of profit, with constant monitoring of the various positions and reduced costs.